Dear All!
My name is Vitalie Popa (Winemaker/Inventor) and I would like to present VBUNG Equipment and VBUNG Technology to you.
VBUNG Equipment is a sustainable stainless steel bung that seals the Custom Wooden Barrel while maintaining control over oxidation, contamination and evaporation during making and/or aging Wine, Beer, Cider and Spirits. Laboratory and/or tasting samples can be taken out of the barrel using pressurized food grade N2 gas without oxidation, contamination and evaporation. 
VBUNG Technology: No Added Additives and Preservatives during Aerobic and/or Anaerobic Maceration, Fermentation, Malolactic Fermentation and Aging under Continuous SAFE Positive and/or Negative Pressure with Sunlight in Custom Wooden Barrel with VBUNG Equipment.